For your best friend, the love of your life, the office, staff birthdays or the perfect gift!

You determine how often and how much (minimum $40 per occurrence).

Weekly, bi-weekly, semi -monthly or monthly or specific dates throughout the year.

Arrangements can be made with or without containers. If made with containers we only ask that the container be returned when picking up or delivery of the next arrangement (this way you only pay for the flowers). Container arrangements do allow our designers to present more original designs.

Delivery charges in effect for subscriptions of 3 months or less (or up to 5 events) of arrangements.
Half price delivery (Airdrie only) in effect for subscriptions of 6 months (or 6 to 11 events) of arrangements.
Free delivery (Airdrie only) in effect for subscriptions of a year or more (12 or more events).

Full subscription payment may be made up front, or a credit card can be kept on file for each occurrence. Payment must be made before any arrangements picked up or delivered.

Call our shop or email us to subscribe. Call at 403 948 3096 or email us at